What is the best thing to do if my child comes to me and tells me he/she is being bullied?


I would say to allow your child to talk about it even if it takes hours. Make you listen and not be judgemental about your child being bullied. Allow your child to do most of the talking as you reinsure them that they are safe. Don’t try to solve their problem.

A few questions to ask:

Are you ok?

May I have a huge?

 What happened? 

When did it happen?

Are you ok with talking about it?

How did that make you feel?”

Never make assumptions that it was their fault they are being bullied. Make sure to  never say, “What did you do that made them bully you? Crying is not going to help fix the problem? 

As a parent you would have to make it your point to find out more about the youth who’s doing the bullying without coming right out and asking.

As parents, our first thought is to fix the whole problem and then we would become the bully, but really our job is to make sure our youth is safe and able to express themselves. Ensure them that their feelings matter. Once you have heard the whole story is then and when the next step is to take place in an nonviolence matter.

REMEMBER: You’re your youth support system!